Warranty Service




Arthur&Grace provides one year warranty from date of purchase. Each Arthur&Grace product is subject to the legal warranties currently in force. The following are not covered by these warranties: Damage resulting from accidents or from inappropriate or abusive use, and damage resulting from repairs not undertaken by Arthur&Grace.

Products purchased from Arthur&Grace's on/offline stores can be repaired at all offline stores in Korea or the official online store. However, restrictions can occur without a purchase receipt.



1. Offline: : Visit any offline store to proceed with the warranty service.

2. Email: Send an email to cs@arthurandgrace.com (online customer service) / Call +82 50 5999 5566.

If the product’s parts (zipper, stud, spring, etc.) and stitches are damaged, free repairs are available for the period of one year starting the date of purchase. However, damage of leather (change of color, change in form,  scratches etc.) cannot be repaired even in during the warranty period. Payment will vary depending on the amount of damage. Payment can be completed by bank transfer supported by our online manager. 

Repairs are completed in four weeks (average estimate). However, the repair period may vary depending on the availability of parts and the condition of leather. We do not pay for delivery. Payments disregarding warranty period. In the case of loss or damage of products during delivery without processing with Arthur & Grace, all responsibility goes to the customer. 

For more information, email cs@arthurandgrace.com or call +82 50 5999 5566